It’s a crying shame that old age in America is a sexless, mindless thing to be avoided. Change is gonna come.

Ancienne was made from a “hosta of a certain age”.  She represents the antithesis of aegism. She revels in exquisite detail and a rich varied surface texture that has something new from every angle. I love how expressive Ancienne is and available to your tired self after a long day at work.

Ancienne has an 18” square cover filled with a 20”down/feather blend that’s removable for easy care. Wash the covers like any other fine washables- by hand in cold water (Or dry clean). Dry flat and press with a medium high steam iron-Use a press cloth for best results.

Like any fine cotton sateen, Ancienne softens well with age. Be wary of leaving your pillow in the sun in the same position for a prolonged period. It can lighten in direct sun. Paola Pillows are for indoor use only. You can now buy here! Additional sizes are available by special order. Please email me with any questions: Thanks!


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