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Alison Birks, MS,AHG,CNS – Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor and Clinical Herbalist-

Amy Emery, Owner- Amy Emery Interior Design:  Visit Amy on houzz:

Malin Zergiebel is the structural engineer behind our blog- The “go to” when times get tough- we couldn’t do it without you, Malin! 

Joel Benson is  “Unhinged” – Thursdays, 12-2pm WAPJ 89.9 FM, a Torrington CT, community-supported radio station. Diverse music for curious minds.


Some links I like- got any to suggest?

New England Gardens:

New York Botanical Garden:

Science and the world around us: PBS

Flowers to die for:  My very aromatic hybrid lilies came from here- they’re over six feet tall now!

Master Gardeners- Can’t live without them. Find classes near you, have your soil tested, got a garden pest you don’t know what to do with- give them a call.

Two sisters on a mission… Great site for all you’ll ever need to know about living safely with your home goods. Watch the video called, Healthy Child, Healthy Home — especially for parents and grandparents.

Looking for paint colors? This site is great for  choosing colors that will work in your space. It allows you to upload a photo and re-colorize a room so you can actually see what you’re getting into.

Ever come up short over the name of a flower? “Like That Garden” is a free iphone app from Superfish- See a plant, take a photo and voila! Find out what it is.

And another one…Ever see a chair or couch and wonder where you could ever find something like it? I saw this app and it’s a funky way to start shopping. Take a photo of something you like and it’ll offer up photos that look like it-places you can buy it, ideas to keep yours going. It’s not 100%, but it might get your creative juices flowing. It’s called: Like That Décor, Find it here-free for iPhone; or android.