Home Décor Trending 2016

Attending trending seminars for fashion and home décor is a little like preparing for Valentine’s Day. Growing up, we had eleven kids congregating around a dining room table overflowing with piles of valentine cards- all kinds of red, white and pink construction paper and doilies. Glue, glitter, stickers, markers, tape and crayons. I LOVED it. There was something about being submerged in all those materials that tapped into limitless creativity. We could make any design we conceived of and we did.

Last week, Patti Carpenter of Carpenter + Company gave a talk in the Cliff Young Showroom at the NY Design Center sharing concepts, colors, prints and fabrics that will shape the 2016 home décor color palette. There were overarching concepts like the influence of technology by nature, the impact of global design and ever-popular animal prints evolving into fantastic furniture. Trends were then broken down into colors and changing textures of everyday fabric and decor.

A potpourri of colors. Apricot is hot as are blues like aqua, teal and periwinkle. Darker blues and purples, rust and dark brown. Bright colors are becoming more subdued; metallic more bronze than brassy. Clear glass is turning smoky. The joining of shiny and matte surfaces of the same color creates a jacquard-like effect.

Life, Technology and Nature

Changing technologies continually impact life. It’s always important to consider how we integrate the natural world into our busy lives. With a dramatic increase in the number of people living in cities, it’s even more important.

Through photography, I document light on its journey through a garden and the natural world. Experience shows us that sunlight has the capacity to cause dramatic color variation. Paola’s Red Rose pillow speaks to that. Light and dark create texture in an otherwise smooth surface. You don’t always need to garden or grow plants inside to take comfort in nature! Red as it is, I find this rose soothing.

Home Décor Trending 2016

Red Rose

Valentine’s is around the corner. Here’s a song my son Sean offered up for today’s post. We think you’ll like it- Ed Sheeran is an English singer-songwriter musician who’s worked with both Taylor Swift and Elton John. More than anything, Ed has a passion for life- a great foundation for love.

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