Playing in the Snow

So, it snowed again on Sunday in Connecticut. I only say this because I’m not gonna let it get me, right? Life goes on.

I decided to have some fun playing in the snow on my deck. This is my deck, this is me playing. If you look close, you can see the green I added. I think it warms the shot, don’t you?

Daylight savings is starting this Sunday at 2am. Yea!

I’ve started thinking about what’s next in the gardens, I found a cool app to share. It’s not the be-all, end-all but at least three times a season (and more) I’m looking at a flower wondering what it is- usually because I want one like it. Voila! See a plant, take a photo, find out what it is- Like that Garden, a free iphone app from Superfish.

Growing up, we always had two sets of encyclopedias-one with photos, plus dictionaries – so we could get answers to burning questions. Now, having it in your hand is even better. Instant gratification.

Things Have Changed- Another great Bob Dylan tune. (I’m a huge fan) –

Sometimes, they get better.

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