Chiffon Scarves-November Sale

Each scarf shown below is in stock and one week away. Chiffon scarves are each 18″ x 72″- perfect for countless styling choices. As there is only one scarf of each design shown here, if you’d like one please email or text me ASAP. We accept credit cards through Square, cash through Paypal and Venmo. I’ll send you a secure payment link for you to complete once you decide to buy.

Each scarf shown below is $45.00 and free shipping in November only.

We have a few 18″ x 72″ cotton gauze scarves ( 45.00 each) and organic cotton knit infinity scarves ( $48.00) left in-house. For cotton gauze or cotton knit scarves on sale. See our full line of chiffon and cotton scarves here. For mobile, click twice on an image, to enlarge it, you can press the right arrow to cycle through all images.