Paola and Fine Art

This story began years ago with a fascination for the beauty of nature and a desire to bring its beauty into others homes.

As the daughter of artists, growing up in Washington, DC was a total immersion in the arts. My mother played piano daily and with our art professor father, oversaw an intensive arts education- from painting to music, to sculpture and printmaking, sewing and Egyptian paste jewelry. I lived two years in Italy- Salerno and Florence- learning Italian (meeting many) and studying in an Italian sculpture program.

Taking comfort in nature sounds a little escapist. As one of eleven, I spent lots of time outdoors. We were each expected to tend a garden in spring -a chaotic mix of flowers and vegetables. The scent of marigolds still reminds me of late summer in the backyard.

Some seeds become pillows when they grow up. Select images live on in cotton sateen as Paola Pillows– their portraits enhanced and artfully printed with fiber reactive dyes for permanent results- washable and dry cleanable. Turning flowers into three-dimensional art for the home allows me to bring beauty into others lives- people who take comfort in beautiful things. Our  blog is an ongoing adventure seeking comfort in every day life. How do you find yours? Check us out. You can subscribe here.

Paola Pillows are available for sale here. We’re updating our site to take both credit and paypal through this site. Be patient!

In the meantime, choose your scarf, then reach out to me direct and I’ll send you a secure Square link. We have some inventory or you can order any one of our designs.  For designers and retail looking for product or new designs, not yet created, we do it all! We wholesale.