Thanks for visiting. Paola Prints is a design-driven company that prides itself on unique creative work supported by quick, personal attention to your needs. We have a large image library and are available for custom work- additional pillow sizes or shapes of existing designs. And totally new projects!


Got a special client that you want to pamper? We can create low-run, custom design, tailored to individual needs.


If you manufacture your own products, digital files to your spec are a great option for you. Call 203-206-5819-in Connecticut (EST). Let’s talk about your needs.


Our current line of pillow designs can be seen here. Paola Prints stocks a line of ten pillows in limited quantities.


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  1. Meagen


    I live in Texas and would like to decorate my house with some Paola Pillows! May I buy some directly from you? If so, what is the price?


    • Hi Maegan,

      Great to hear from Texas! Yes, you can buy from me direct. I’ve sent a personal email with details to your email address. Let’s talk soon! Best,


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