The leaves are on the ground. Does anybody else feel nostalgic this time of year? Look around, life is moving, change is happening. Do you ever feel that life is passing you by? Nature can motivate people to hold onto constancy where they can even as you discard the annuals (plants that add a short term color blast) Nature leads us into holidays in search of companionship and/or family. In search of love.


Watercolor and Peppermint

The change of color and flowers has inspired some brand new Paola scarf designs. Two are produced and ready for prime time. Watercolor and Peppermint. A new holiday scarf is still under construction. I run through many different options -see a few below. What do you think? I don’t have a name yet..One thing for sure-It’s PINK!Love


Photo: Joann Pai for The New York Times

I recently read an article written by Dan Chaon in September for the New York Times in their  second annual “Love Issue.”  The juxtaposition of companionship and loss exemplify for me the nostalgia of autumn. You can’t hold on to anything or anyone forever. Enjoy each moment deeply, live in the “now,” as it will surely be gone tomorrow. For me, the lavish visuals Dan paints offer an excitement and depth found in nature, each time a door opens to the outside. All we have to do is stop and pay attention.

The author writes..“We came to the end of a long driveway through a narrowing tunnel of trees, and the mansion apparated before us. “Oh my God,” said my wife, Sheila. “Is this it?”

If you’re feeling nostalgic, upbeat musical interludes are a great addition. Sunny Side of the Street as performed by Jonathan Batiste (Musical Director of the Steven Colbert Show). Jonathan has a new album out called Hollywood Africans. 



Paola scarves are handmade to order and take four weeks start to finish. Don’t delay in choosing yours but order by November 16 the latest to give me time to print and sew.

Paola Pillows are in stock now and available on Amazon. You can also order them direct through me. The pillow covers are only available through me.


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