Morning Glories are some of my favorite flowers- especially the color called Midnight Blue. I start them from seed and then as with many flowers, I photograph them through their entire life cycle. What I’ve learned about most flowers is that they change color as they age, and they take on new, sometimes unusual characteristics. No one stage is less beautiful than another. As the autumn chill takes hold, Morning Glories also develop very different personalities as they soften and turn in on themselves. They could be poster children for age appreciation.  Every one of these images is that of a Morning Glory on its way out. Past its prime, and not too shabby.

David Byrne, of Talking Heads and an Oscar winning singer /composer turned 62 in 2014. An old guy? “This Must Be The Place” was recorded in 2004. I especially like the collaboration, which is very different from his early association with Talking Heads. I’ve always believed that the sign of a world class artist is that of someone who continues to create over time- just in new and different ways.

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