On Thursday and Friday we were en route home to Connecticut from Savannah. If you’ve never been south, you owe it to yourself to go. As per usual, it was wonderful. Full of the people and sights that many of us growing up in the Northeast haven’t had occasion to experience but need to. It was a visit full of American history.

We attended an event at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) to listen to a tremendous talk by Bill Barker, historic actor/interpreter from Colonial Williamsburg. Bill, aka President Jefferson, did not disappoint. He wore the fashion of the day, conducted himself very well and interacted with the audience- fully in character as President Jefferson.

This was an interview with Bill done in 2015 by a new actor charged with portraying Thomas Jefferson. Good insights.

At our event, Bill was in fact, President Jefferson, a writer of the Constitution and lover of learning who spoke five languages. But most important keeping in mind  present day political confusion, he had words of wisdom, “Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.” Reason.

Thomas Jefferson frequently interjected the importance of reading and reason. It’s not good enough to read one newspaper but essential to read many and, to apply your reason to the interpretation of the right course of action. I exited the presentation inspired to turn over new stones! history

We later visited Wormsloe, the colonial estate of Noble Jones. Noble traveled from England, a humble carpenter who grew into a man of many skills. He and his family arrived in Georgia in 1733 with James Oglethorpe and the first group of settlers from England. Noble’s tabby ruin is the oldest standing structure in Savannah.

Perseverance and determination drive history. Noble rose to the occasion and made a way for his family to succeed and prosper against tremendous odds.

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