The natural world is so much greater than a single person. And yet, nature still requires a person to appreciate and create with it. Unfortunately, the intersection of nature and art in life can sometimes be perceived as a playground for the wealthy.  (Gardeners, know that this is simply not true).

We gardeners are waiting eagerly for the sun. Coming soon to a garden outside the kitchen door. Beauty in nature is nothing less than inspirational.


           Spring in Litchfield, Connecticut


The fabulous Getty Museum. Perched high on a hill above LA, (see the top right corner of the image overview) you can capture limitless views of the adjacent countryside and terraced gardens.

I remember visiting the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA when my son  lived in Redondo Beach. Starting with a trolley car escorting us high up to fascinating indoor and outdoor spaces. I was struck by the endless juxtaposition of natural beauty and art at the disposal of mere mortals like ourselves.

A lovely video of several properties of Peggy and David Rockefeller. Beauty in the juxtaposition of home and nature- even if the styles aren’t your cup of tea. Fun to wander virtually through in the lingering New England cold.

In May, some of the extensive art collection of the Rockefellers will be on tour around the world- later auctioned in NY. Interesting virtual tour. Among the works in the show are magnificent paintings which include rare masterpieces from Manet, Matisse, Picasso, and Juan Gris.

Are you a lover of the arts? Do you ever get tired walking museums? Sometimes I think my father, a lifelong college art professor, lived to walk us kids through the DC museums on a weekly basis. I got very tired and although I loved parts of it, it wore down my tolerance of museums. Another gorgeous experience I highly recommend when next you’re traveling in Massachusetts.  I highly recommend the Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA. The museum is wonderfully suited to member viewing, inside and out. Casually wonderful. Lots of Impressionism.

Paola Prints pillows have been juried into the Bruce Museum Craft Fair! Come see the beauty of nature and buy some pillows for home. An inspiring two- day fair -May 19 and 20 in Greenwich, from 10-5:00pm.



Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli Two performers I wouldn’t have associated on my own. Fun to see and hear.  An English pop star gets together with a blind Italian crossover singer. The result is lovely. What do you think? Perfect Symphony



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