Paola Pillows bring art off the walls and onto your couch where you can relax comfortably with them. And why not? I was raised by artist parents. Eating, playing music, school work, partying-all united under the concept living a beautiful life. We were each expected to be agents in making it happen.


Rescue plants: I have a hard time not buying end- of -season perennials lingering outside the grocery store. This year’s find has been blooming its heart out while patiently awaiting planting.

I find it somewhat mystifying when people express fear about being charged with creating something beautiful where they live. There’s no question that we can all use the help of professionals in putting things together, from cooking, to building a house, to tuning a car or, to home décor.

A great excerpt from an article by Jessica Dawson in the Wall Street Journal called “Lessons From Artists on Hanging Art.” The author quotes Marcia Prentice, author of the forthcoming “How We Live” (teNeues) that a key principle is to look broadly and care deeply: “Creative people are bringing in art from a lot of different sources,” she said. “They don’t feel intimidated by the art—they’re just picking up the pieces that they love.” Full article here.


Obedient plant- A great perennial for late summer bouquets. They hosted a hummingbird yesterday outside my window.

Never relinquish your own role in getting a process started and seeing it to a conclusion that you love or feel safe in. Nobody else can tell you those things. Consider carefully what you want and make it real-with help if you need it.

So, just get up and dance. Keb’ Mo’- a three-time American Grammy Award-winning blues musician- “She just wants to dance.”

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