I still haven’t figured out why I love the mid-century look so much. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus (a German art school active between 1919 and 1933 and associated with the style) so I’ll just go with it. Each year, we wind up doing something related to mid–century. Last year we attended a Bauhaus lecture at the Clark Museum.  This year we took a cool house tour!

My dad attended the Chicago Art Institute and was influenced by the Bauhaus as a sculptor. Ultimately, he railed against minimalism, preferring free form and freedom of expression in his work. The lamp to the left is Italian mid-century. It’s inscribed on the bottom: “Raymor and Italy.” It’s not clear who the artist was. The lamp base on the right is my dear dad’s- Alexander Giampietro.

More about the mid-century aesthetic, an overarching movement spanning architecture, interior design, product design, graphics and urban development from roughly 1933-1965. 

Mid-Century for sale in historic Litchfield. A beautiful example. It sums up what I like in a space- simple, open, uncluttered room for whatever you’d like to add. It offers a wonderful palette of neutral colors and space to make your own.

More Mad Men Modern Tour in Norwalk

Last week, we went to Norwalk Preservation Trust’s 2019 house tour called “More Mad Men Modern” as it took a closer look at some of Norwalk’s mid-century modern architecture. It was a lot of fun, even riding in giant tour buses squeaking through narrow, tree covered neighborhoods. A series of very different houses.   

Our first house was a lovely authentic house that as with many of this genre, turns a “blind eye to the street.” The darker image on the left shows little until you round the corner, where a drawbridge opening into a glassed -in living space has high, glass windows that run through the entire house at the roof level.
The dining area was open to the kitchen with cut-outs, across from a piano room with glass walls between-common features of this period. The current home owners were chosen by the seller because she heard how much they loved the look and wanted to preserve all the details of its original mid-century style.
Another house- more of a highline property with several white buildings clustered at different levels.
It’s not every day you see a house built on a rock, literally. The rock formed part of the foundation, the window glass is actually cut around it with concrete stairs that wrap down to the basement level.
Personal fave- we’re looking at a garage update- hopefully this year, to include an enclosed trash container area. I like this one!
A modest mid-century home. A young family escaped living in NYC with kids, when looking for quiet, interesting space- and found a kit home with a unique cantilevered deck build around a tree. A deck off the living room. Nice brick fireplace across from the deck.
This humble bathroom speaks to my enduring attraction to the mid- century style. Simple, clean lines with solid color stone flooring and subway tiles. Funky lights. An item I’m sure I’d have changed- the existing jalousie windows- hallmark of warm climates. Holy moly. Not in Connecticut. The owners admitted that with limited insulation and large glass they were nervous about winter. I feel cold just thinking about it!

Last StopThis house on sale- check out the listing

A gorgeous home in a planned community called Village Creek, designed by Edgar Tafel, an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. Two incredible bedrooms with a lovely water view on two sides. We visited with a man who grew up in the house custom built fo their family. Lots of great memories.
Artful use of exterior materials- stone and textured concrete with grasses and artful walk areas around the perimeter. Stunning use of textured concrete and stone.
As with previous houses, this one also had a garage facing the entrance drive-similar to many in the mid-century style. Lovely in its simplicity-the door design is often displays a horizontal finish. I like that single, wide door.
Unusual features including a paneled dimensional wood ceiling with an interesting door openings. An open stairway with skylight over a small indoor planting area.
Wow. Loving the new Paola Print all cotton scarf just back from printing . The 6.4 oz weight is awesome for chilly mornings. Scarves will be two sided. Fall is here!. The colors are definitely muted as opposed to the 100% poly chiffon. They go well with the soft warm fabric and will integrate well with a variety of outfits. Can’t wait to see them finished. Hurry up and sew Mary!

The very first blog image is another new scarf design I’m working on. Those hot colors will be printed on a silky faille poly- a large scarf- almost 54” square.

We’ve been enjoying listening to live blues of late. Just heard a great concert at Infinity Norfolk by Jimmie Vaughn. Stellar musicians. Go! If his tour takes him anywhere near you! 

A great voice- Ayla Brown singing an old tune with the James Montgomery Band, (who also happens to be touring). Makes you want to go “Dancing in the Streets” 

Holiday season is on its way and craft fairs are incoming! Check back soon for locations and dates. We have some stock and are sewing more but don’t be waiting-they go quickly. Check them out.

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