We discovered a golden horse and chariot printed on black fabric at a consignment haunt- Wright’s Barn in Torrington, CT. The image was pretty shabby and sadly framed in cracked glass. (Sometimes, you just have to go for the rescue!) Now newly matted and framed, I’m thrilled to enjoy it daily during my workout. For some reason it always brings back memories of coloring with Crayola crayons as a child. (My favorite colors were the original gold, silver, and copper). What were yours?

Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, Crayolathe metallic crayons were three of the original 1903 Crayola colors. I found a great resource of authentic Crayola lore- though it wasn’t on their website or Wikipedia. The Crayola- obsessed author is Ed Welter. The site is called: Crayon Collecting.com. There’s valuable information to be learned from it about political advertising spin we now see everyday.

“Wikipedia is bereft of commentary challenging just who is right when it comes to referencing sources in putting together a list of (Crayola) colors. Unfortunately Wikipedia is not a forum for original research…” Really? Let’s go ahead and state the primary difficulty: Just because Crayola says so on their web site doesn’t make it fact! …Those that are passionate about Crayola’s colors are sticklers for detail and accuracy. You won’t find either on Crayola’s web site. Think about their perspective. They aren’t in business to document every minutia of their history; they’re living in the now and selling crayons. Sure, they do a lot to acknowledge their heritage and history. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have the concept of “retired” crayons.”  Truer words were never spoken.


One of the original Crayola boxes.


Who doesn’t remember the stadium box with a built-in sharpener?

Historically, a couple named Binney- Edwin and his wife Alice Stead Binney, founded  Crayola. Over many years, they developed upwards of 120 colors of various names and scents (yup- some had to be changed tho, because they smelled so much like the real thing kids were eating them). Today’s colors run the gamut from glow-in-the dark, to multicultural skin colors to “changeables”. I think I remember those! Introduced in 1995-there was an off-white crayon that went on clear and changed the color of other crayons.


This is an awesome graphic that allows you to mouse over and see the Crayola colors from 1903 to 2010.


                  Paola Pillows to go

What’s a girl to do with so much color in her life? The metallic crayon colors mirror my unabashed love of gems and precious metals. Natural light photography is another place one can indulge in shiny things. And it doesn’t cost much less. Sunlight shining though a flower, or a leaf caught basking in the sun. Check it out next time you’re walking though a garden.

Paola Pillows offer proof that sunlight is a good as gold. And you can enjoy them year round.

Tell me this isn’t one of the most colorful singers you’ve heard? Have you had your colors today? Cyndi Lauper- True Colors

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