If you’re like me, colors create the mood in a room. Some colors offer a quiet backdrop, others excite and still others complement one another. All are players in the space we call home.

I still remember being in grade school and my teacher telling me that violet and red just didn’t go together. Maybe I’m still being reactive…. but I really do think that all kinds of hot colors go well together!


Paola Peony

In this past week’s post I showed some Mid-Century Modern furniture. I found an interesting post on colors used in that period. I saw some nice yellows here: http://color.about.com/od/colorstyle/tp/Top-10-Colors-for-Mid-Century-Style.htm

I use yellow sparingly for walls as it can get hot fast. That said, I used yellow in my basement, because it’s cooler downstairs below grade. After much searching, we decided to finish polish the concrete instead of using carpet. I then worked some brown and rose into the floor color to balance off the yellow. Still not sure what else to put with it- I’m thinking about a full seaside mural on one wall. Why not?









If you’re looking for a great song to come home to…this one was performed in the 1950’s by Clarence ”Frogman” Henry and it’s still great!  https://www.youtube.com/embed/QqcPaVx_vC4



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