Sometimes life feels like a race against time. Rush here, do that, finish up, start another project, can I do three things at once?

My husband and I escaped to Maine for a couple days and were sitting at dinner doing some people watching. Almost everyone around us was older. After a few minutes I inadvertently caught someone’s eye. She smiled at me. The race in my head stopped. I squeaked out a half smile…and continued on with dinner. Then I thought. This feels good. Comfortable to just be in one place and not stretching for the next.

Comfort is manifested in different ways. I find the look and feel of natural fibers comfortable, which is why Paola pillows are made from soft, heavy 100% cotton sateen. Each 18″ pillow is filled with an insert of down and feathers-woven from 100% cotton. The printed covers are washable and dry cleanable so you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean. Ah. Pretty and easy to clean.

For a song that’s easy to listen to: “The Neighbor’s Song” one of my favorites by Lake Street Dive-

Paola pillows are coming soon- subscribe here: so you can find out where to get yours.



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