Most everything outside is green right now (except for lazy azaleas with lingering blooms.) I took this hosta leaf photo and got some great ones with the sun playing through it in the early morning.  My Paola pillow called Aquilina is headed for the sunlight. Aren’t we all looking for sun this time of year? – I try to get out early morning as often as possible but some days you just have to choose between shooting or exercise.Ferncurlyo Or sleep?ferniebabe The ferns are still uncurling all fuzzy and embryonic looking. The allium emerging from their translucent caps. Love their look. Don’t tell anyone but I think I saw a brand new dahlia plant poking up through the soil. Time for netting- before they get too far.

I started tying up peonies two days ago; their heads are swelling by the day. Looks like a good year for them-can’t wait till they open and exhale their sweet perfume. The lace cap hydrangeas are covered with buds too- even though the other hydrangeas appear to have suffered too much winter burn to have any buds at all.Purplebuddybabe

My head is caught up in proving new pillow designs and working on manufacturing and display planning. Numbers. And more numbers. The bane of my existence. I think I’ll go write some more pillow stories. And… take five- love this rendition of a jazz classic from one of the top-selling jazz albums.





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