For some people, warm colors might mean shades of red. (Like me). As the weather turns cooler, do you too migrate inside and begin pondering about interior spaces that need attention? I get stuck sometimes not finishing certain rooms. Places that  just need something…different. I clean, wander and consider what I might change for, say holiday events. Autumn is a good time to get ideas by looking at what other people are doing.

Warm colors

I love this room because Alexandra incorporates a big print on the wall. Both bright colors and big prints require balance with light and neutrals.

Interior decorators and design professionals have different sources they go to anticipating a new design year. Colors have to fit in well in a space, and of course, with your personality. Alexandra Champalimaud is a designer with an excellent sense of space and “objets.”

She talks about  “extracting the essence of a place.”   

There are annual shows in the US and abroad where designers and vendors convene to look and discuss what’s trending. One resource is Pantone. Pantone Inc. is known for its Color Matching System -a proprietary color space used in manufacturing paints, fabric and plastics. In concert with trend forecasters, they offer up new color pairings each year. This is a collection of eight trends in 2018 colors and home décor.

warm colors

Can you say “ripe” red?

I like to look at color in action. This projection was for 2018.  RED!!! This video had some fun ideas to look over.  Or, how about a red kitchen??? Why ever not?

warm colors

A cold New England afternoon. Look at that red wall! The interior red -orange wall and tree lights make it sunny inside.





Not to press the point but red works in both summer and winter.

warm colors

Need sun protection? Awnings can make the brightest room dark which isn’t always great. A bright colored awning brings warm light into the room as it reduces the heat.




warm colors

Then of course, there’s always the red accents. If you keep the walls and floors neutral, almost any red goes.






warm colors

Paola Prints Woodland pillows warm a room any time of year.

We lost a special musician this past week. Tom Petty was a musician’s musician and loved by many. He was another creative soul who battled addiction. (In case you don’t know, drug use will impact your vital organs). This song is a celebration of what he brought to people and to musical history. RIP, Tim Petty.

Performing here with long time friend Stevie Nicks. Insider.




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