Decorating has easily become a favorite part of the holidays. Last year we found our fresh tree appropriately, in the town of Bethlehem, Connecticut. We’ll be headed there again this weekend. Uncle Frank’s Christmas Tree Farm. We drove the truck into the property and were left to our own devices to find a tree, cut it down and load it in. What’s not to like?


              Uncle Frank’s Trees

Lots of different kinds of trees, all the tools and great pricing. We’re headed back this weekend  to get the 2017 tree. Since we keep the tree up longer than most-cutting a live tree is Almostva requirement..

Each year we try to find an local non-profit for purchase wreath. This year, we found a large wreath to benefit a local women’s shelter- the Susan B. Anthony Project. The money helps support their important work. You can learn more about them here.  If you can find such a place near you, you’ll feel great about it too.


            Naturally Beautiful

Do you know the history of the Christmas tree? Or, that it’s German in origin? More here. And when you’re looking for decorating ideas, try this. Each year, I add few more ornaments but if you’re like most families, we build up traditions overtime. And, often, it will come down to “simple is best.”  Like a bright red berry wreath.


                   The Ridiculous




Each year when confronted with where to put the tree, we wind up redecorating the living room. Always fun, it once again raises the issue of our on/off again search for a new couch and rugs. Our # 1 complaint is that the current couch is  just not user friendly. Comfort is important- a place people can gather for conversation. What kind of sofa are you? There’s a world of possibilities out there.




Dreamy, who could not like a sleep couch that looks just like a real bed?

Try these ideas out for size. Consider your own goals and style needs. Happy shopping!

Van Morrison is one of those musicians who never seems to fade. It’s amazing to look at him in this video, listen to the music and realize he still has it. This video, Precious Time  was recorded in 2010 for the BBC. The man was 65  and kicking it at a very high level. What’s clear is that his work is fun, complex and highly produced. The style supports a recording artist well past the time when a performer might have stepped back. Love the talent. A  perfectionist.

Paola Pillows are designed to bring a little perfection from the garden into your home. We hope you love them too.


    Classic Hosta- Goes with every   couch









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