When we did our house over it was with the idea of taking down walls to bring light in and to create an open space conducive for entertaining. Happily, the original footprint was akin to a ranch so we went straight for the more modern, open feel that ranches can offer. KitchenWebThe entire flooring –living space into kitchen and office were all a light bamboo that served well to expand and unify the inside. Windows all around- and green as a dominant color in the kitchen opened the house to the outdoors all year round.

An open floor plan offers new challenges, like how to artfully carve out spaces that meet specific needs while maintaining the openness. What’s also nice is that most solutions are modular so you can change them seasonally, without the big expenses you’d incur taking walls down. My husband spied this ranchy article yesterday-it’s fun to look through and has interesting ideas if you’re thinking about making these kinds of changes. http://tinyurl.com/oxleyra

Consistent with the focus on “down home”-Greg Brown, a singer songwriter from Iowa, keeps things simple writing about life, love and dreams in his album “Covenant.” https://youtu.be/oNHIreIBMeA  Greg married another singer/songwriter in 2012,by the name of Iris Dement. Love this song too from Iris: https://youtu.be/nlaoR5m4L80

When you’re ready to focus on something new for your own home, thRaspH-Chair-ere’s a Paola Pillow waiting for you-and your favorite chair.

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