I don’t know about you but I’m full up on current affairs. Art and gardening have always afforded a blessed escape from work, and everything else you have to do before you carve out your own time.  I’m learning to do that even if it means setting an alarm. Less guilt that way.

With Halloween and winter just around the corner, we can all use some escape. escapeOf course, for me, any flower photo will do. Cleaning up for winter outside can be tiring! Let’s do something different..

I found an online magazine called Lonny you might find interesting.

Great section on home tours.


Thinking about cruising?

My brother-in-law and his wife have been cruising through the Panama Canal, wending their way to Connecticut end of this week. Best of my knowledge, they are NOT on a container ship…but ..is this cool or what??? This photographer took a time- lapse trip and shared it. Doesn’t look too bad. I wonder how the eating was, and did they jog around on the containers for morning exercise? That could be scary.

The shipping container as home.  A slide show sets it up for you. Is this cool??


All Terrain Cabin by Bark Design Collective

Containers tickle your fancy?

 Popular Mechanics tackles the subject of container living in glorious detail.

I’ve become a fan of a band Larry found online. They’re playing at Café Nine in New Haven- TONIGHT so we’re headed down to listen in person.  Most important: they’re excellent musicians! Sometimes, it seems like live music is just LOUD. The Appleseed Collective is both fun and interesting. Pumpkin Pie, seems timely. They’re touring…Maybe you’ll find them near you.

Paola Pillows are happy to live in containers or regular mansions in need of comfort. 




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