Red is one of those colors that like it or not, has tremendous impact. Sometimes people question how they can include strong colors in their living space given all the other colors and patterns. I say, be daring. Don’t you mix multiple colors and texture into a single bouquet of flowers? Flowers are great like that.

I chose this chair as a backdrop because it has a very strong personality. Both the pillows and the chair have their own thing going. The result is, they get along famously. Yours can too. The pillows are two sided- the pillow front to the right side, the pillow back is on the left. The fabric is a printed cotton sateen that has a smooth surface- the light and dark across the surface create the illusion of depth- one of my favorite photos.

Lenny Welch was born in NY and discovered at nineteen. His hit “Since I Fell For You” became one of the nation’s biggest records, selling over one million copies in 1964. See if you can relate to the lyrics- I know I can.

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    • Me too- red’s always been a fave. It’s funny, over the years, even though my love for red hasn’t diminished, I must now confess that my recent home do-over drove me toward combining red/rust AND green of many shades. Creating in a living space demands color balance which then introduces the complement color- in this case, green. Here’s a look:
      And there’s our chair in context! Keep on posting!

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