Yesterday, my husband insisted I rush out mid-afternoon and take some photos because he thought my favorite hosta had something more to offer this season. He was right.

We’d had a frost the night before and the leaves were dramatically altered from the sun’s warmth. One leaf morphed into a shape I hadn’t seen before. I always enjoy shooting plants late in the season because their personalities change so much.

Very few of the photos I take become pillow covers. Invariably, you shoot a million photos and you’re lucky if one or two has a shot at becoming more. Part of the fun is downloading hundreds of photos to see what you really got. I knew as soon as I saw this shape in the camera that it had great potential. It had curled right over on itself like a sea creature of some kind… or an exotic carb.

My hybrid lilies had a terrible case of Asian lily ( lily leaf) beetles that decimated them. I plan to cut them waay back. Adult beetles over-winter in sheltered places in the soil or plant left-overs. Did you know lily leaf beetles can dig down up to ten inches to avoid the cold? Now there’s a case to be made for clipping extra foliage and cleaning the soil around plants in the fall. I plan to be vigilant early in the spring to nip the emerging pests in the bud before they get mine again!

Here are some additional fall garden tips.

Another cool thing about hostas in fall- you can actually see the leaves changing color on single large leaf- odd when you’ve grown accustomed to shades of green all summer.HostaChanges

As thoughts turn to indoors and cold evenings – Norah Jones has a good idea-Help me make it through the night-


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