I met a gardener last week. She’s living with her husband who has Alzheimer’s. It sounds like she’s only able to have limited conversation with him. Once a successful architect, he’s simply forgotten a lot about their life together. We talked about our gardens and it occurred to me that gardening brings her a lot of comfort. I understand. Gardening, for all its activity, is an opportunity for reflection. And somehow, it has the power to erase stress. Garden therapy. I’m a fan.

One of the reasons I love the red oak photo from Savannah, is the mood. The walk has been photographed many times, and you can understand why. It’s a classic southern image. Rich, complicated and a touch of foreboding. There’s history here-fifteen minutes from downtown Savannah. Wormsloe was the colonial estate of carpenter Noah Jones who arrived in Georgia with James Oglethorpe in 1733.

garden therapy

This scarf mailed out two days ago. Yea!

Since returning from the Greenwich craft show, I’ve been busily sewing scarves to send out. It feels good to be seeing again. Of course, I probably enjoy designing more. So many flowers, so little time.

garden therapy

Amsonia- from the gardens at Bellamy-Ferriday House. I adore it. In times of so much yellow green, it’s great to have a plant with a minty- hued foliage and those lovely ice blue flowers.

I spent the better part of the day digging, weeding and mulching the bed by the road- where the Amsonia lives. It looks grand. Have you visited the formal garden at Bellamy-Ferriday in Bethlehem?

garden therapy

Then again, nothing is as exciting as waiting for the peonies to bloom out. They’ve started!

I found this album of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong– what a great run they had. Wait till you have the time-you’ll want to hear it all. Paola Pillows are the ultimate therapeutic garden implement. Soft and luxurious, all cotton and feather, especially effective for end of day.

garden therapy

Palma is quite the crowd-pleaser- any time of year!


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