I traveled to Seattle to see my son. So, far, it’s been raining non-stop so we can’t even take photos. Got a few more days and I’m sure we’ll get it done. We did ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, which was reminiscent of long ago summer visits to Martha’s Vineyard. There’s something about islands as “ a place apart” that’s so attractive. Bainbridge Island is no different.

I couldn’t travel across country and not visit some showrooms at the Seattle Design Center. End of the week. More on that next post. Tomorrow we’re headed to Port Townsend to see some sights. Can’t wait!

Now that the gardens are freezing up nicely in CT, it’s time to start reading and planning new directions for the next growing season. My niece shared a very cool article on wildflowers. I’ve been plotting a new shade garden for the coming spring. This article looks like a great idea for the back yard, the year after…you need to read this  if you enjoy the wild ones as I do. If nothing else, enjoy the photos! Wildflowers. RaspHostaGallery

Since we’re on the west coast it seems only fitting to offer up an American hip hop duo from Seattle Washington. I’m not a big rap fan. I’m making an exception. Ben Haggarty, a rapper who goes by the name Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a record producer and photographer together in Downtown. Do you see a nod to West Side Story? Great production value. Check out the incredible chariot in procession.

And yes, the  holidays are coming so don’t forget…you can always buy direct and still have your Paola Pillows for Christmas.



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