Palma is a Paola Prints pillow that looks splendid all year round in living rooms of all styles. Hosta leaves are like that. Green is like that. Even those of us addicted to the color red have to admit there’s a reason green has been so popular in home decor all these years.


    The green wall- Elizabetta Rizzato

Plain and simple, green is easy to live with. Elizabetta Rizzato is a Venetian designer full of ideas. Some great green design ideas too. Elizabetta blogs about many things about home decor you might find helpful as you make plans for updating your house this year.


We clean up so many leaves each year. I have to admit, the messy leaves underfoot can have their own charm. What do you think?





Last bite of summer- Courtesy of a lovely lavender aster, also called a companion plant. Second year and still thriving in the cooler nights.

Lyle Lovett has been around many seasons and still sounds good. Lyle plays here in 2012 with back-up musician Luke Bulla. Luke started singing in his family band at four and played fiddle at seven. Watch him improvise with Lyle. Pretty amazing. Cowboy Man


Paola Prints is coming soon to an Amazon near you. For now, buy Paola Pillows here. Palma is a favorite design, in-stock and ready to


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