This summer I discovered dahlias in all their glory –at a family farm in Cornwall CT. Their size, varieties and colors are obscenely extravagant. If you haven’t been there, you can learn more here- and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to buy some tubers of your own. I plant VERY few summer bulbs because they have to be pretty special for me to dig them up in fall, then store, plant and stake them again come spring. For these babies, I will make an exception. I hope to be testing dahlia colors on fabric for new pillows in 2015.


Summer’s End in a Blaze of Glorious Color.

Solomon Burke was born in West Philadelphia in 1940 and began preaching at the age of 7 at the Solomon’s Temple. He was nicknamed the “Boy Wonder Preacher.” Some consider him to be a key figure in the transition of soul music to rhythm and blues. This song “Cry to me” first released in 1962, was on the hit soundtrack to Dirty Dancing in 1987.

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