Impossibly, today is a little cooler following a long dry summer here in Connecticut. It’s nice to not be constantly worrying about the last time I watered my garden residents. And it’s wonderful to look out and see the dark soil, nicely saturated. Mother Nature does such a better job than I.

This is the first year that almost all the hostas, day lilies and phlox were chewed away pre -bloom. Mysterious nocturnal marauders assaulted my little garden. I started spraying a Bonide product called “Repels All,” after the fact. It holds some hope for next year and I’ll begin spraying early before the buds ripen. I plan to install a GoPro camera to identify who the culprits are. I’m grateful for the few phlox and one blooming hosta (for which I’m grateful). 

I suspect that whatever was eating the plants needed them due to the lack of water. I’ve grudgingly accepted it for NOW and plan on better vigilance next year.

I’ve noticed that even as the garden plants have grown up to a wonderful height, certain ones are going to have to be moved this fall.

Growing healthy iris continues to elude me so I’ve relocated some planted iris that were getting too wet. I suspect the drainage changed where I placed them as they started rotting. What a mess! I dug them all out mid-season and moved them to a better location. I hope they’ll return happier next year. Fingers crossed.

Critters and drought aside, the boxwoods, Koran lilac, Beautyberry bush and asters are thriving. I’m ecstatically watching the white and scarlet flowers on the hardy hibiscus tree emerge. It’s covered in buds!!! Last year I had just two flowers.

The fun has just begun. There are buds all over the little tree. Due to the less than full sun the buds are flowering slowly.

Sadly, I had to dig up and move my prized local peonies out of the enclosed garden and toward the road because they simply were not thriving in too much shade. This year, the leaves developed a fungus that required cutting them back early and discarding the affected leaves. They’re now in residence with the older peonies in a sunnier garden by the road. 

I was thrilled find a crepe myrtle to fill the spot left by the peonies. Although typically a southern climate resident, I have great hopes for this standardized tree and will wrap it at least this fall to protect it while the roots branch out. Wish me luck!
This was the first year the cactus I left outside to overwinter came into full bloom. What a doll! I’ve been working on a new scarf featuring it in all its glory.

It’s been slow going in the design department although I have two new layouts I’m currently sewing for a fall show. The fabric is a new knit I’ve targeted for infinity scarves for colder weather. 

Speaking of new shows. The next one is a two-day extravaganza in Simsbury. 10-4:00 on Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18. I went for one day, two years ago, pre-COVID. I have great hope for this event. People are slowly coming back to visit fairs again. We plenty of inventory now- come to show for a 10 percent discount!

See you at the show!

I’m thrilled to share a video of a singer by the name of Melody Gardot. I found her recently on YouTube and am also going to hear her live in Northampton in September. She’s an original from New Jersey who survived a bad bicycle accident at 19 to come roaring back courtesy of intensive music training. Impressive.

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