Life has been so crazy busy, it’s been difficult to grapple with the inevitable onslaught of holidays around the bend. But that’s OK. It’ll be here soon enough. Christmas is coming. Pillows are still on sale…until December 23rd!!! Winter is coming and I don’t know about you, but color goes a long way warming me up during cold days of limited greens and colors outside.Merry Christmas

I’ve decided to play my blog a little differently tonight. I used to read a lot. Today reading often gets replaced by watching. It’s a much easier way to absorb new things- especially when things move so quickly.

Take some time to listen to these short videos when you can because they might inspire you. And wonder about life, maybe about your life.

Tonight I indulged myself by listening to separate recordings of Stevie Nicks and Sharon Stone- two very strong female artists who’ve lived through challenging times. You might see some of yourself or a variation of yourself in them.

For music, I chose a fairly recent version of Stevie singing Rhiannon. She has a very distinctive voice and although it’s somewhat lower today -she still has it!  Very interesting life story ( you can find interviews online   about her insistence on holding her group together even as her marriage ended.) You do what you have to do sometimes and it’s not always rational or easy.

Sharon Stone- A beautiful, elegant woman in discovery. Two interviews: One about living through her brain aneurysm of a couple years ago. And then, on almost passing on -her near death experience-how it was laughable and ultimately peaceful for her.

Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with new life for each of us.


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