I spent time shooting glorious milkweed at the end of day at Bellamy-Ferriday in Bethlehem. Stunning plant. Its seed-ferrying fluffs shine like floss glinting in the sun.

Today I was asked about my process for creating pillow designs. It all begins in the garden. And yes, it’s a chore, but someone has to do it – right? This time of year is interesting. Lots of plants dying off but certain ones remaining with great vigor -which makes it hard to prune them back just yet. I discovered some gigantic sunflowers over 12 feet tall when I finally made it out back to check my dahlias. It’s been a busy week all around.

You may know that monarch butterflies have been struggling to survive- for a variety of reasons- some for the use of chemicals that kill off or pollute their food source.

Milkweed is the monarch’s food of choice. There have been problems in keeping the right kind of milkweed available to them- tropical or native. Native is the right kind. But how to tell the difference? MonarchMonarchs that have been eating tropical milkweed (planted by accident) have suffered a bigger problem. http://preview.tinyurl.com/ok4qljk

A fascinating tidbit about Monarchs and milkweed. A huge benefit to their eating milkweed is that it makes them repulsive to predators for their subsequent taste and color. Once eaten, well, they won’t be eaten again that’s for sure! Seriously…More here: http://tinyurl.com/otdnfs5

Looking for comfort AND color? Check out my pillows. You don’t need to be outside to enjoy their beauty.

Johnny Cash has a unique way of bringing comfort in his songs. I never get tired of this one. Worth the reflection. One



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