So, I’m often asked whether my pillows fit with traditional or contemporary décor. My usual answer is that they work with all styles. 

Home Decor

Handmade cherry door with an antique brass knob, a glass inset with a deco etched palm leaf, a mexican tile floor with cherry insets and a solid, mid- century modern mahogany front door. And, a new pellet box- Pine with a red vinyl top. They are all partners in color, light and space. What’s my style? Eclectic!

More then any other word I think “eclectic” best describes my design. Variety is essential in a living space. We are multi-faceted creatures with many changing moods. If you maintain a lack of clutter and light you can indulge in several different approaches to home decor. The lack of clutter and open space will set you free to choose pieces you love for themselves.

The last several years, far too many people have shackled themselves to a kind of minimalism that can be deadly in a home. Limiting yourself to one very static style, all white, all neutral shades and dull metallics…? Dull as you can go! Where’s the excitement?  Where’s the love?home decor When you apply to a show, or for online selling, you’re required to choose one option from a drop down menu: modern, traditional, primitive, nature. Best answer for me would be “all of the above.”

home decor

Sometimes, excitement can come through different textures. Even with the same color. These guys love being together even though they have dramatically different personalities but they’re buds! 

The great outdoors is my guide. All colors, all kinds of spaces, grand and small, come together in harmony. Naturally.

I searched some different sites that showcase how to integrate different elements. I suspect we’re all looking ahead to the holidays and considering how we might update. Looking at pictures is one of my favorite pastimes.

Picks at House Beautiful

Vintage into Modern

Architectural Digest- Check out top designer interiors

If you’re feeling musically subversive…and if “You want it darker.” There’s always Leonard Cohen. Title cut from his new album. At 82!

Still fascinating. And even more fascinating. Paola Prints are coming to Etsy!

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