Everybody looks for the wonderfully weird when Halloween rolls around. And if  you can’t find it you make it up.This photo was of an aging tulip I shot a couple years ago. A pumpkin wanna be!

Today, I was looking through my camera on another sunny day in late Autumn for the weird, wonderful detritus that plants leave behind. I filled two cards and was finally OK with cutting down the final stalks. Today’s post is about those leftovers. Isn’t it awesome how beautiful and weirdly wonderful nature is in its end stages?

Autumn Colors

A paper wasp nest- you can’t make this up. But they do.

Autumn Colors

A hosta’s last blast of green.

Wonderful Autumn Colors

Lily of the Valley going out in style.


You don’t have to wait for weird and wonderful…it’s what we do…It’s my mission to re-create the weird and wonderful in the pillow world…like Rosa…And then there’s the Monster Mash.



















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