Morning is a time of day-even though it’s still pretty dark at midnight.

As usual, I got caught up in doing the right things and laboring over the latest quality control efforts. Got a bunch done but didn’t quite make it to creative stuff until waaay too late.

Please put the music on that you find at the bottom of this post and just let it play through. I found it really nice listening to Lester Young and Teddy Wilson playing together- Don’t usually do that for more than a song, and rarely when I’m working. I already knew I wanted some form of the blues for this photo though. I’ve printed this flower onto fabric a few times but it’s never had enough definition to show movement. More to go -it’s a work in progress.

End of summer blues. And so beautiful. While my morning glories were miserable this year ( as in I put them in too late), I have LOTS of inventory on computer of their great blue/purple parade through the garden by the road. I try never to grow anything but midnight blue. What else is there? Next year I’ll do better. The dahlias are hanging on blooming away- not sure how many more full blooms I’ll get but they have been stunning. Soon, I have to figure out what to store them in… SOMEtimes, I make an exception for other morning glory colors.Pink-MG

Enjoy the blues.

And then there’s the ever sun loving sunflowers in the side yard.Sunnyweb

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