Is that deck finished? You can see the red stain somewhat. The beauty shot of a newly refinished mahogany deck will have to wait until the next day the sun shines- this weekend? It sure may look tranquil but the before and after shots of ten hours playing nursemaid to a deck tell another story.

Mother Nature
We waited three years to brighten and stain the decks due to incessant rain here in CT. Can you believe that’s mahogany? You really need four solid days of sun to stain and it’s been virtually possible to get it.
Mother Nature
We thought we had Mother Nature licked (ha!). We planned, taped off the railing wire, cleaned and waited, until we had a stretch of ten sunny hours to apply and rub the stain. Our stain of choice, Messmer’s UV Plus, is combustible if the used rags are not stored under water. after the first can, Larry noticed a smell and I saw smoke. Until we poured water over the basin. And, at the end of a very long day as the sun came down, so did the rain.
Mother Nature
The nightmare continues. Rain! The stain needs a full 48-hour treatment and it hadn’t yet had even 24 hours! We hustled off to buy tarps and plastic and spent three hours after dinner in a panic stretching, taping and wiping off water as we sealed off the entire area.

This has been the year of repair. The lovely metal railing on the front deck had started to rust. Sanding, primer and spraying. I learned the hard way that shaking a can of paint VERY WELL is obligatory. And once you’ve checked the brand and color, throw out old paint and spring for a new can. I wound up sanding twice because the paint wasn’t good and it crackled up the finish.

Mother Nature
Notice the bare deck. Now that the back deck is done..the front deck project is ready for us!

As you work hard to maintain decks and fertilize plants, it’s really important to realize new and exciting additions. Like solar lights!

Mother Nature
Three new solar lights on the plant tower at the front now light the entrance. I don’t know how they’ll last but aren’t they sweet?

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