Last fall I debuted a scarf called Watermelon, printed on chiffon at 2 yards x 18”- the size of most of my scarves to date. 

A couple months ago, a family member reached out with a request for a scarf she needed for an event in October. She very much liked Watermelon as the colors matched her sweater, but she needed a scarf that was a lot smaller..and square! Always up for a challenge, I was itching to get started this fall.

new scarf
The new scarf is a 27-inch square. Modifying a large rectangle into a small square is not simply about rearranging existing artwork. And, as a square folds in half on the diagonal, you want to consider what colors will be close to your face- those at its center. I added a white rose specifically for that reason.Then, I splurged and added a small poppy and logo stamp on a single front corner. The original rectangular design below the square is just for comparison.
new scarf
I don’t like to waste fabric so I printed the last bit of a yard of chiffon from the new square images the original artwork reduced in size. The finish size on the right is about 18” by 54.” A lovely color splash. The left image is the original Watermelon.
new scarf!
This summer/fall has been full of major work on the land with tree cutting and transplanting. The Serenity statue is still inside for repair- I’m inclined to move him into the basement once again inside for finish work that’s temperature sensitive. Got to finish patching and sanding first, which seems never-ending.
new scarf
One of our Andromeda ornamentals ‘Dorothy Wycoff,’ is now sporting sooty mold. It looks ugly but more importantly it reduces photosynthesis surfaces that healthy plants need to thrive. The mold cakes the top of leaves and bark. I trotted out my trusty Safer spray and spray weekly. I don’t think it’s spreading but it sure is hanging in. We hope the cold will cause it to die off…

Sooty mold is a fungus that grows on leaves sometimes infected by aphids. After feeding, insects leave behind a sweet substance they can’t use called “ honeydew” that becomes food for the developing sooty mold. Interesting story.

Meatloaf always surprises me with his embrace of pagentry. He’s a show all by himself but when he adds visual imagery he’s a real winner..the voice isn’t too shabby either.


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