However. Each year Pantone chooses a certain color to be #1, and color trend companies do classes and shows generating elaborate stories about how that color should be used. Sound a tad bogus? It’s complicated.


Red for Spring 2018- Carolina Herrera. But it’s not just about one color-besides studies show that people are largely afraid of color.

David Shah, editor and publisher of the bi-annual  “Pantone View Colour Planner,” says “It’s all about how you put colors together.” Quite the fascinating process as fashion, home decor and manufacturing industries focus their collective initiatives for each following year.

Pantone’s color system assigns a number to each color, allowing those who work across disciplines the ability speak the same language. “Calvin Klein, according to Lisa Marsh’s 2004 book, “The House of Klein” used to keep a Pantone chip taped to the wall next to the office coffee maker “to ensure he’d get just the right mix of coffee and milk every time.” I get that. (I still remember my perfect color Tangerine Imac.)

More about the history of color and the Pantone Matching System. Some good color history too. What Is the Perfect Color Worth?


Prada, Photos by Guillaume Roujas. More about the collection. Fun site.

I really do agree with David Shah that it’s all about how colors are put together. Solids or blends or patterns. I love the fluid colors you can now enjoy in printed yard goods because of advanced technology.

As a painter I especially appreciate it. I’m much more of a continuous color girl than lines and design apart from a unifying wash of surface colors. Sunlight has powerful impact on color and is something that causes me to instantly grab my camera and run for the garden as it passes through.



Pink, a musical rebel, is a fierce promoter of women of all ages. This video is a little raw but it has a really valuable message for young women. Love yourself! Pink- You are “Perfect”

Paola Pillows celebrate all colors. Pick your favorites!Pantone

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