All of a sudden a lot of garden tips and offers are surfacing online. The other day I was looking at my hill of azalea bushes against the snow. They looked fine. Sometimes animals come through – I can see their tracks- but they haven’t munched the buds yet. The flowers still need the cold and garden rest time. I’m OK with that.

I thought I’d indulge in a spring photo fantasy for your viewing pleasure. I superimposed some buds over flowers. My flowers go through many phases before they get to pillows.

Sometimes I think I should have my sanity checked in attempting to get my arms around this whole process of product development. Bringing a dream to market.

Here’s why I’m doing it. I treasure the plants that grow in my garden. I care for them in season, and I totally enjoy taking their photos in the best of times right through to their end days.

I want people (you) to have something loved from the beginning through the awkward phases of becoming the best it can be. Would you do less for your kids?Pinky

We take great care in using the best materials and constructing Paola pillows as beautifully as we can. From plant to fabric to printing, to fit and finish. We will sell no pillow before its time. Check us out! Ten designs looking for loving homes:

They call it gypsy swing- listen to The Hot Club of San Francisco. They’re not what they seem at first. But then, who is really? You can catch them live next time you’re in San Francisco.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do and we’ll keep you updated about Paola Prints progress.


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