Marc Chagall was a 20th century Russian-French artist, a passionate colorist who melded together several different artistic styles during his lifetime. Here you can see a Paola pillow in front of a muted version of the fabulous stain glass windows Chagall created for the Art Institute of Chicago.

This Paola pillow placement affirms my philosophy of the value of decorative pillows. I believe their importance in a living space is tremendously underrated. And why not? The inexpensive materials often used, combined with sometime cheap overseas labor and consumer demand for always lower pricing, have created a glut of mass produced “bumps.” Used and discarded as fast as you can find the next one. And worse, they’re tolerated too long in a state of unclean because you can’t clean them. Ugh.

It’s time for a sea change. What’s the first thing that greets your guests when they enter your living room? Center front of couch and armchair? Decorative pillows! La-ViolettaI design my pillows with that very thought in mind- they’re  the first impression made when people walk into your home. And how wonderful it will feel when they settle in against the soft and comfortable down support. Paola pillow covers are washable! You can keep them as clean as they are beautiful.  Invest in design-driven, locally crafted home furnishings, treat them well and they will last your lifetime. Paola pillows will be produced in limited quantities. Subscribe here so you can take advantage of their coming out.

Madeleine Peyroux started singing at the age of fifteen, when she discovered street musicians in the Latin Quarter in Paris. She had moved there at thirteen from Brooklyn when her parents divorced. I think she has a very “French” jazz sensibility to her. D’accord?

Apologies to Monsieur Chagall- A better view of Chagall’s wonderful stain glass here:


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  1. Louis

    your pillows are like other artwork in your home, they can deliver different moods by their colors, design, and shapes. pillows are one of the few accessories that provide an everchanging background to any living space.

    • I love it! Yes. And it’s one way that you can make important changes without a capital investment. And unlike artwork that hangs on the walls…there are no nail holes to patch!

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