Ancienne is a green pillow, one in a series of decorative pillows made from photos of a favorite hosta plant. Home décor products, so many of which are imported from overseas, are made in countries whose manufacturing standards are often much less stringent then in the United States. U.S. standards add costs related to plant and water safety, materials handling and labor laws. Paola Pillows are designed and made in the U.S. because of greater control over the look and feel of the end product. As an artist, I’m very particular that the end result is true to my vision. I work hard to get the colors right. The way a design wraps the pillow and how the cotton sateen feels to the touch are important! And, I believe in buying American whenever I can.


                  Heavenly Hostas: Ancienne, Classic, Aquilina, and Palma

If a surface design prints on two sides that meet each other at the seam but don’t in fact “meet” it diminishes the whole design. You no longer have an organic, continuous shape that feels real. Consider each pillow a piece of nature in your living room, rain or shine. Beautiful and washable too.

So, sustainability has also to be seen from a manufacturer’s perspective. If you can’t cover your costs you can’t stay in business.


Speaking about health and sustainability, I recommend these ladies. O Ecotextiles is run by two sisters who’ve published extensively on how to choose what to bring or not to bring into your home and why. You choose.

A recent post of theirs addresses some of the complexity in the EPA’s monitoring of the use of asbestosGreen

There are many important searchable articles for consumer  concerns about clean home decor products. I visit their site often to find answers not readily available elsewhere.

Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) was very enthusiastic and successful as a songwriter and performer. How can you not feel good watching him? Cat Stevens – Peace Train

That was then. This is now. Yusef is coming around again. A duet from Sept 26, of this year. Yusef and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). Yusef kicked off his North American Tour in August.

October is coming to New England, and with it the passing of the morning glories. Are morning glories stunning at end of day? Green What do you think? This last one, a late in the day version of the early morning glory above. Same flower. A different kind of beauty, no less beautiful.

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