Spring has not yet come to Connecticut- although I’ve had several sprout sightings indicating it’s not too far off…Better get out soon and rake off the beds.

Today was spent making calls and working on a new print order. I’d started a new green pillow over a year ago that got sidetracked by other ones needing attention.

The fiber reactive dyes we print with are challenging, as the colors react with the fabric and net a very different result then what you see on your computer monitor. It can be an arduous process making your vision a reality.

Now, I set up the same photo file, modified in several ways- changing settings in different combinations. Sometimes the results look really close but slight variations can also get amplified in the printing process. This new pillow will test print to at least four different versions. I also compare its colors to existing pillows to see how they might best create an ensemble together.

This weekend, someone suggested that artists have a lot of patience. Instinctually, I disagreed. (I‘ve never been accused of being overly patient). On further reflection, I can see why one might think that. Design for me is an obsessive process. A project has to feel right to me and until it does, I keep working it. Perfectionism can sometimes look a lot like patience.

I’d suggest that today, people suffer more from a lack of time, difficulty in focusing and generally giving themselves, people and things the time each needs. The result in life can be unhealthy. Here’s an old Buffalo Springfield song from 1966 called “Stop Children What’s That Sound?” Consider today’s race, politics and family life issues when you hear the words. Could it be today?


My Mom

“There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind.”

Take time, make time, give time and when it’s needed- Listen.



Smell some roses. See some beautiful pillows!

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