You work hard, there’s so little time to relax. Some days, you just want to get home and crash.

In this case, the very satisfied owner of a BMW X5 describes how back in March, he was in a death defying accident on his way home and narrowly escaped being squished between two semis. Here’s what happened soon after he saw a truck bearing down on him in his rear view mirror. “I heard the impact and in a split second, I was surrounded on all sides by airbags. I literally felt like I was surrounded by pillows.“ Safe and unhurt. Needless to say, his next car was also a BMW X5.

Now you can be surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow wrapped around natural down, feathers and cotton- in the safety of your own living room. Bury yourself in softness, with flowers from my Litchfield garden- without the drama.

Paola Pillows will be coming out this fall. Sign up today so you won’t miss our limited edition of colorful designs.

And be sure to drive safe wherever your day takes you.

Here’s a great tune to chill by when you get home to your couch…Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul-


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