Paola pillows are soft feather and cotton sateen- and NOT outdoor pillows. This Ancient Hosta pillow just seemed to warm the yard. We were feeling pretty heroic in Litchfield after weathering a four-inch snowfall last week. Forecasters are now calling for a two-day storm starting tonight –with one to two feet more. I made my shopping list, took my Mom out to a concert –and we brought more fuel in for the stoves.


Ancient Hosta Line-Up

After all the effort, I’m pleased with the results- we’re ready for the big snow. In my last post, I announced the Paola Prints launch. Now that we’re committed-there are new hurdles to clear, new relationships to forge and one thing always leads to another.

So much in navigating life comes down to attitude. Ever notice how hot colors can make you feel warm on a cold day? A large pan of simmering tomato sauce uplifts the spirit. Music has always had a powerful effect on me.

Stevie Ray Vaughn was a wild, incredibly talented blues guitarist from Dallas TX who died on his ascendancy as a world-class performer. No denying it was the fire inside him that thrilled fans and sent his addictions packing. Hot music to warm the coldest day. Love Struck Baby:

A tribute written by his brother Jimmie- after he passed; including a few other musicians you might recognize.

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