Late summer is an awesome time in the garden if you just relax and recognize that the dominant color is green, AND, even the once vigorous skunk cabbage becomes invisible with age. Its leaves literally become transparent. Time passages.

Today is my son Aaron’s birthday. My boys were always athletes first. Each has since gone in very different directions. Following a bad motorcycle accident Aaron spent a lot of time in recovery and a lot of time painting too. Today, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and continues to enjoy great success in his artwork. One of his recent paintings draws on an everyday scene.

Aaron and his wife traveled to France on their honeymoon. I’ve never been to France but having lived in Italy, the OTHER romance country, I can say by association that both offer incredibly rich culinary experiences. This is a great travelogue. Watch it when you have a little time, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Ces Petits Riens- Those Little Things- -A lament listing memories from a failed relationship by Stacey Kent, a New Jersey born jazz singer. French has a way of turning any story into a romantic interlude…n’est-ce pas?

Or, you can check out our pillows here, learn about their romantic beginnings. Be careful..resistance is futile.


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