Life is lived through our senses. Some of us are primarily visual, others auditory, and others utilize several senses together. Through our senses we can take comfort in everyday life. Rosa, the pillow you see here, is one way to enjoy the beauty of nature – no matter what the weather’s like outside. Rosa’s unique design reveals something new on every side, no matter how she lands on a couch. And her feather down fill is one way to make sure you land very softly.


The Hines & Co., Washington, DC

As a gardener -I enjoy observing plants awash in natural light. I photograph in the early morning and late afternoon because I’m drawn to how dramatically the interplay of dark and light reveals the subject. I then choose an image to develop into a three -dimensional work of art. It’s printed to cotton fabric and hand sewn into a very special decorative pillow – where the image wraps around the pillow insert re-creating a piece of nature you can live with every day.

Jazz is an art form that can take you on a detour to a new experience you may not have had before. Here’s a fun one –“Softly as in a Morning Sunrise” performed by the Modern Jazz Quartet in London. 1982- Alexandra Palace, London at the Capital Radio Jazz Festival.

Speaking of beautiful things. You may also enjoy these photos taken at nighttime from high above the city.

And then there are Paola Pillows


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