It’s been a very busy week for Paola Prints. Happily, the rain has kept the plants watered and yours truly out of the garden even as the pruning and transplanting is coming up fast. Some years ago, when I conceived the idea to change from hand drawn or sewn artwork to the computer, I knew I had to acquire some essential tools. A good photographer friend listened to what I had to say and was pretty dogmatic about what I needed.

The new Nikon D7000 was the camera, the main lens for close up detail was the AF-S Micro Nikkor 105mm 1:2.8G. I bought them and never regretted it. Of course, there’s still so much to learn I’m always embarrassed by what I don’t yet know! The good news is, no additional purchase has been essential. Except for those pesky Mac updates, Adobe subscriptions and the mega storage Photoshop requires. You can never have enough.artwork

I love my big lens. Grand detail up close, awesome drop-off (bokeh) for single image design and integration  with other elements.  

Selling direct online carries a mandate to adequately show people what something looks like- whether it’s scarves or home decor. Happily, we’ve been selling by word of mouth. I’m working hard to get gallery details done well as colors are tricky. I decided to create artworkline drawings that can be re-used rather than people shots that have so many variables- like my darling daughter looking sideways. Each scarf will has three views so people can see design details and how the fabric drapes. I finished two images, created silhouettes of each scarf and married them to the drawings. Lots of work but I think it’s coming together. Now for the other scarves…artwork

I made care instruction cards to go with the scarves. Important! I opted for cards rather than sewing funky care labels onto filmy chiffon. Good idea? And.. three more scarves must mail by Wednesday. Did you ever worry about growing up and getting bored? Never going to happen.


Check out at how the scarves will appear in the gallery. Each scarf is 6’ long! Hard to show.

Trombone Shorty/Troy Andrews is a New Orleans musician, producer and actor. At four, he appeared with Bo Diddley and continued onto the Grammy’s, the White House and countless other musical associations, Trombone Shorty has arrived. Listen up. How can you not like trombone with a New Orleans sound? Trombone Shorty is on tour.

In the meantime. How about some scarves?   We shipped two pillows yesterday. Perfect and Palma- to Sweden! International shipping, not for the fainthearted.


Perfect is a delightful Paola Pillow. A great way to enjoy flowers without the work.




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