No matter how comfortable Merrill shoes are, there’s nothing like stepping out of them and into slippers at the end of the day. Settling into a slipper chair is a similar experience.

We found our Victorian slipper chair at Gibsonville Antiques & Collectibles. Gibsonville, NC, also called the City of Roses, is a sleepy little town about 50 miles NE from High Point Market.

We had just spent several days fixing our booth in preparation for the annual wholesale home decor show there so it was good to get out for a while and also see if the chair we’d found online would be a good addition. We wanted something homey but for a small 10 x 10 space, we weren’t looking for a couch. Speaking of comfort, what a difference a foam floor makes – this is the floor in progress.


Gibsonville Antiques is a great place to visit, nicely ordered and FULL of great finds. Owner Myra was very helpful. Our Honda Civic, grudgingly accepted the chair, a small tilt table, and espresso pot, but refused anything else. I recommend you don’t go there with a large vehicle. Too much temptation.


Brentwood slipper chair

Paola Prints tag line is Take Comfort in Nature. Life is short, work hard, play harder, but don’t forget to Take Comfort.  Besides, doesn’t it look like it was made to host Paola Pillows?

The slipper chair is thought to belong to the Victorian era (early 1900s) but others suggest it descended from the chaffeuse, a 17th century French, low armless chair with a high back. A slipper chair is set close the ground- about 15” from the floor and wide enough to accommodate lavish petticoats and skirts. Women could easily perch on them to put on and remove stockings and shoes. Antique slipper chairs were made in a few different styles including Rococo, Renaissance Revival, Queen Anne and Victorian.

By the 19th century, the slipper chair had moved into the boudoir and today, slipper chairs can be found in modern styles -a highly practical seating place for men and women in a dressing room. The very modern  Brentwood slipper chair goes with any style.

Come visit Paola Prints booth at SAMS 640 and try a Victorian antique slipper chair- no bustles required.


While in the south, we stopped off at our printer to pick up some new fabric for the booth. It came out really well…off to print materials next.

I don’t know about you but I’ve gotten pretty tired with the state of politics and intolerance going around. I’m not a big country fan but sometimes I appreciate the sentiments expressed in the lyrics.  “Always stay humble and kind” by Tim McGraw.

You can see more pillows here. Or visit us at High Point in April.


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