Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Savannah. It’s been a few years yet it feels like little has changed. It’s spring and the azaleas and camellias are in bloom. The grass is green -it happens sooner here then in New England, which is one reason we come.


Spring is always the same yet oddly new. In Savannah the historic buildings, venerable materials of stone, and gardens have a consistency you can count on from before the Revolution- a town spared because of its beauty.

People can look to history and take comfort in its repetitive nature. It’s one reason it’s a good idea to read history. In historic Savannah, you can take comfort in recurring architectural themes that are as unique as the artist who did the work.comfort

I read an interesting article called “Creative Habits of Einstein, Picasso and Mozart.” One quote in particular resonated with me. “Creativity isn’t a talent. It’s a way of operating.” John Cleese.

An artist’s process demands endless perfecting – a restless need to re-visit the status quo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a craftsmen or a scientist. This behavior can be tedious for those around you. You finish when it meets some internal standard for excellence.

Nature offers seasonal repetition you can build on and use in the creative process. Plants repeat their color and shapes, iron has certain characteristics you can count on when heated.


Its personality is crafted from the creative soul doing the work.

Paola Pillows are made from my photos taken of the natural world in the garden. Each one is unique yet tells a story as old as time. comfotThey bring that comfort into your home -something you can count on in a changing world.

Bob Dylan is an artist who transcends the ages. His writing and musical styles speak of things we can all relate to which are also deeply personal. Music and art bring comfort in turbulent times. Blood in My Eyes.

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