I’m crazy about Spring. Growing up, Spring was aligned with preparing for Easter. Predictable warmth was agonizingly slow. How many years did you freeze in your new summer dress and sandals because the weather wasn’t quite ready for that attire?

We always had a huge party which meant blowing dozens of eggs for decorating (later hidden outside for the egg hunt), Italian almond cookies and (the best part) shopping downtime with my Dad for Easter candies. My father didn’t drive, which meant we always traveled by bus to downtown DC.


Did you buy new shoes as a child before Easter? So many shoes, so little time. I vote #1. Love the whole look!

That in itself was an adventure. The burning question always was, if he falls asleep, will he wake up in time for our stop? OMG! I just googled one of my favorite stops- Velati caramels! I can smell them! The giant hot trays were just waiting for sampling every year.

As with everything else, working on new images for the spring show takes time. (taxes and other parts of life really get in the way) As a painter, working with Photoshop tools has its up and downs. Right now, I’m happy with some and need to do a whole lot more. Always.

It may not feel like it but Spring is here. Many of us are asking the same questions once again. SpringIs it time to take the burlap off the bushes in zone 5? (yes). What zone am I in anyway? When is it safe to put plants out? What am I growing new this year? Here are a few sites you might find useful.

Your planting zone. Enter your state and zip code

When is I safe to plant in my area? Enter your zip code


Got the lavender covered. Photo taken a few years ago when we were laying out the formal garden.

Starting seeds indoors. Plants that keep bugs away. Great idea!


Beet salad, I can taste it.

A little something to plan for. Grow beets and turn them into brownies! A really nice little site you might enjoy.

What’s not to love about beets? They get a lot of dirt but really, you just have to get to know them. Brownies are here.

I think it’s important to remind oneself that good things that last really DO take time. You still have to figure out how to love every day and find joy everywhere you can.

I’ve never been a huge fan of singer/ songwriter Jack Johnson- (Surely not as big as my son Dan). Somehow,  listening to “In the Morning” I got hooked. We need more of this kind of music right now! The words, the sounds, the joy, he speaks of. Step back from the fear and into the stuff of life that makes you happy. New and old.

Jack’s the son of well- known surfer and was a top competitor himself until he had a big surfing accident as a teenager. Jack was born, raised and lives on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. An accomplished musician and filmmaker, he’s also very involved in supporting environmental, art and music education worldwide.

In the Morning– Jack Johnson, performing live on the North Shore of Oahu- “So much love
The kids are laughing in their sleep-swimming through their dreams into the morning.”

I love Paola Pillows of all kinds. What’s not to love about roses???? Especially ones that last a lifetime. Like Pink.Spring


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