Spring is here!

I’ve been at hard at work creating new artwork for my fabric designs. Here’s a black and white look (with fake lilac blooms) at some wrapping fabric that should be interesting. I’ve always got some scarves to sew. I just signed up for a collection of fairs in nearby locations and am searching for options nearing the holidays. I like to try new places every couple years. Sharon’s annual juried craft fair offers the magic combination of beauty, shade, great food and SALES that exceed much more impressively billed locations. Visit me at fair this year if you’re in the area! I’d love to see you.

The center boxwoods are looking tremendous after uncovering them from the mild winter we had. This year I’m pondering stepping back from the annual three pesticide spray treatment to prevent leaf damage.

Each Spring, I invest in adding new plants, move unhappy ones, weed, prune and mulch to feature the blooming season. Preventative spraying (that homeowners can’t do because of certifications) is moving down on my list of “must do’s”.

I’m starting to think that it’s just not worth it after a point to keep plants that aren’t happy where they live. Less numerous (eleven boxwoods total) fellows get pulled, returned or replaced. To be continued. They do LOOK great. The gardener’s dilemma. I must scrutinize my little family of green and brown residents and dole out what’s essential.

Consider the Hellebores.

Lifting their heads into full bloom before even the snow has completely passed. Winter survivors that return each year before many perennials have broken ground. How can you not love these guys?

As many know, mine is a petite shade grown, Connecticut garden. I sometimes view lovely metal arbor structures with envy but realize that mine will not accommodate that. I do admire them to look at …a girl can dream right? Check out some GOTH gardens.

New Directions

I’m experimenting with a new fave fabric-poly crepe de chine, that I print ONLY for my fabulous shawls. One at a time. Larger size. This one just went out the door. Spring. A few more in-house ready for travel. ( scroll down to “In stock now”- below the scarves.)


A “formal” flat wrap

Color me madly obsessive about this next project. I’ve descended into an obscene focus on how best to design and feature my new passion for fabric wrapping. I’m bringing designs in two sizes to market- 18” and 26” inch- printed one side. The price of entry is steep when you’re an obsessive. Witness one of several pages of marketing copy!!!! (I felt it essential to demonstrate a technique practically). AGGGH! Each sketch is hand drawn and labelled -consistent with a well-worn handbook I found – not available online. YouTube has MANY demos but as most of my sales are made at fair and I wanted to be able to give buyers value. Double ARRGH. More pages in production. 

In the meantime, I must out to spray my Andromeda bushes- as the spring snowfall has taken a pause..I still love this song- Judy Collins sings- the song written by another female powerhouse Joni Mitchell. Enjoy! Both Sides Now

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  1. Kathy J Daniel

    Mary—I am so glad that you are interested in plants that will be happy in your environment without pesticides and fertilizers. There are so many gorgeous choices … and you will be rewarded with the butterflies and birds they support!
    There are some great choices here: https://www.ct-botanical-society.org/gardening-with-natives/. Also, I found a Connecticut Native Plant Facebook page.
    Happy gardening!

    • Kathy!

      TU. I must admit, my comment was posted with you in mind. I am at heart, naturopathically minded- even if the boxwoods don’t attest to that. I am looking for a an informed consult in alternative care for them as we ride them off into the sunset.🙂 Thoughts?

  2. Tonya Thornton

    I’m curious about “fabric wrapping” and can’t wait to see and learn more of/about it. The black and white sketch-like print is very cool and lends a modern feel to the print. Pondering how I will style that interesting beauty. On a different note, the box woods look so happy to be uncovered!! Do they continue to grow when they’re blanketed in the winter?

    Happy Spring!

    • Absolutely. Boxwoods are happy all year- like many plants,they truly come alive for their “ spring flush” Bright lite green tips. I will post the latest/ greatest black and white wrap fabric soon. Tis lovely!

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