Is it a coincidence that the first day of Spring (March 20) and St. Patrick’s Day share the same week? Great association, I’ll go with it.

I spied this green photo in a Lightroom folder the other day and grabbed it. It’s an early spring image. I love the detail- there’s a special world to be found in a tiny space.

Outside, in my garden, I’m find that I’m drawn quickly into the throat of a flower or inside the shade of a curled leaf. It’s why I like using a macro lens- much of the peripheral image area around your subject drops away-allowing you to focus more exclusively on that one very small piece of life. Because of this, a macro lens offers great possibilities for photo realism- people in search of many exacting details.

For myself, a macro lens encourages a move into the world of the abstract. When you’re reaching for the essence of something it isn’t necessarily tons of detail so much as a search for the most important details- extra stuff is eliminated in favor of  the most special or the truly striking- which is also often the most beautiful.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me. From a young age, I’m equally sure that my Italian father encouraged us to wear orange to school on St. Patrick’s Day. Too bad, the Sisters of Notre Dame had other plans. Every March 17th, the basement in our school was filled with tables piled high with all kinds of green costume paraphernalia for sale. We bought, wore and paraded in full green throughout the day. (We ate many frosted green things too.) I loved it- and enjoyed the many splendors of the wearing o’ the green.

While we‘re on the subject, how about an Irish tune? Cara Dillon, born in Londonderry, northern Ireland-nice song, great ensemble-“Bright Morning Star”  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sometimes, my love for the small beauty found on a leaf leads me to create a piece of art suited to the shape of a pillow. Leaves wrap their flowers and bear the morning dew much as pillows provide us comfort to rest on…Rasp-hosta

If you’re looking for places to visit before your lawn turns green, you can go here- Terrain of Westport- a really pretty place- a giant greenhouse for wandering in…

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